Spiritual Connection

A spiritual connection is the process of contacting the spirit of another person who has “passed over.”  I prefer the term passed over, since the spirits of our loved ones are very much alive and want to let us know it.  They wish to comfort us and reassure us that life continues even after the body is extinguished.  A session of spiritual communication begins in a quiet, uninterrupted environment (I do most readings in my home).  I will answer any questions you may have about the process and help you feel comfortable.  I will say a silent prayer of protection and a prayer of intercession. Then we sit quietly and wait.  I will inform you what is happening between my mind and the spirit world, and will begin to ask you questions about who may be appearing.  All you need to do is be open to the experience, relax, listen and answer the questions asked of you.

Life Reading

We all have Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels with us.  I am able to communicate with them and offer insight for your life.  These helpers do not tell you what to do, but they can offer guidance.  Remember that you have free will and you make decisions every moment for the direction of your life.  Tapping into this source offers you possible options for personal change  (Be prepared, they always give you homework).

The Mentoring Experience

Many people have experienced a variety of "other worldly" occurrences -- seeing angels, hearing voices or music, sensing or just knowing information -- and have wondered, what is wrong with me?  This reading offers information for you to make sense and understand what you are experiencing.  Come and receive helpful information from your Spirit Guide and learn how to maneuver through life with these abilities.

Life Changing Event

Are you experiencing a life changing event?  Perhaps having a baby, getting married, or changing careers?  The life changing event reading will help you connect with passed family members, guardian angels or spirit guides that will offer encouragement, advice or messages.  All of your spirit family will be present during these changes in your life.  Here is an opportunity to hear from them!  You could even get messages or words that you can share at the event.

The above services can be over the phone or in person.  To set an appointment, you can use the Contact link above or call 989-492-6193.  Please call between 9:00 am - 9:00 pm CST.  The cost for a reading is $150.00 per hour.  Gift certificates are also available.


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