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Connected Always and Always Connected
You are always connected to the ones you love and to your higher spiritual self



A one hour communication cost $150.00 and includes a CD recording.  Half hour appointments are $75.00 and are not recorded. 
To schedule your appointment or sign up for a class, email to

SPECIAL:  Due to current events, I am offering my special once-a-year pricing during April.  (This is normally offered only in January each year).  That is a $25.00 savings for either half hour ($50.00) or full hour ($125.00) appointments.  These are for phone readings only - for obvious reasons.  Yes, phone readings are just as effective as in-person appointments.  Please contact me, if you are interested.  Stay healthy!

As of March 23, 2020, all classes have been canceled until further notice.  Stay home.  Love your family. Catch up on all those "some day" projects, pray, meditate, exercise, go for walks and eat sensibly.  This is a time for renewing, self reflection, and reflection regarding life in general.  My heart goes out to all who are ill and who have lost loved ones.  Stay safe.  Spirit says this will be a distant memory by August.

Phone Readings are still available.

Sherry is a remarkable Psychic Medium who can connect you to loved ones who have crossed over, as well as with your personal angels and spiritual guides.  She is a loving, heart-centered, down-to-earth person who is very effective with her ability to communicate "across the veil".  Sherry also offers intuition development classes and other events.  To schedule an appointment, click on CONTACT or call her at 989-492-6193.





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