FAQ's for a Spiritual Connection

What do I need to do?

Be prepared to know those who may be coming to you. For example, know or be aware of Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, family and friends. When going through the process of a spiritual connection, mainly answer yes or no to the questions being addressed to you. For example, you may be asked if you have an Aunt that has passed over and you simply answer yes or no. If desired, you can also offer additional information about possible connections.  Relax and be open to the experience.

Who will come to communicate with me?

Anyone you would know who has passed over. Sometimes a spirit comes so that you can relay a message to a person who is living and is close to you.

Why do they come?

To comfort and reassure us. Do not expect miraculous answers and heavenly insights (or winning lottery numbers). They are not allowed to affect our lives in any way as to change our destiny or free will.

How will I know who is speaking?

The spirits identify themselves by pictures, words or descriptions that only you would know. Also, in my mind, family members come in around you like a family tree – with parents and grandparents above you, siblings beside you and children below you.

May I ask them questions?

I prefer to remain passive and let the spirit people lead the discussion. They know what you need to hear. Also, remember they can only reply to those questions that will not alter your life purpose in any way.

How does this help me and/or the spirit(s)?

Can you imagine being in a foreign country/place with no way of contacting your family? Then, someone hands you a direct line with the entire family on the other end? Most spirits are eager to let you know they are all right and still very much alive. How this can help you, is up to you. Be open-minded and welcome their comments.

How long will it last?

Most spiritual connections last for one hour. It depends on how long you would like.

How have you learned to do this?

I have been blessed with a natural, God-given gift. I have learned to enhance my abilities by meditating, praying and practice.

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